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We have been providing custom jewelry manufacturing services for over 10 years, and are capable of completing customizations of various complex jewelry designs. Based on the design provided by our gemstone clients, the preliminary draft of CAD can be provided within 3 buissness days. while basic and classic styles can be delivered in 10-15 days. Even one order can be accepted and welcome personalized jewelry challenges.Every piece is handcrafted with precision and dedication to provide you with excellent service. The larger the order, the more favorable the price. But even a single piece offers a significant cost advantage,also provide satisfactory after-sales service.

✔All gemstones sold by our company can be customized for setting

✔Professional and responsible CAD drafting team.

✔A confidentiality agreement can be signed to protect your design rights. Have served top brands and retailers in more than 20 countries/regions.
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Birth of a Jewel

Our products are manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products are widely favored in both domestic and international markets and have been exported to many countries.

1.Customized CAD Drawing

Whether it's pictures, videos, samples, or design drafts, as long as they can clearly express the desired style, our CAD draftsmen will start to create a detailed 3D view based on the information you provide, down to specific techniques. This service is free of charge for products that are determined to be commissioned for inlaying.If the CAD drawing is completed and the inlay commission is cancelled, a drawing fee of $50 will be charged to you.

2.Crafting Model

Based on the design drawings
or physical samples and the
requirements from customer ,
wax or silver models are made.

3.Investment Casting

After the mold is made, an investment casting container is made using a material that can withstand high temperatures, such as plaster or ceramics. These containers are heated, melting the mold inside and leaving a cavity that is identical in shape to the jewelry. Then the cavity is filled with molten metal (such as gold or silver).

4.Holding And Shaping The Blank

Welding the components of the jewelry
together and reshaping the rough jewelry
blank into a semi-finished product with
elegant lines, distinct edges, and a
symmetrical shape.

5.Gem Setting

Before setting the gemstone, the location where it will be set must be polished and checked for any defects such as pits or sand holes. The gemstone is then fixed onto the gold setting using various setting techniques, such as prong setting, bezel setting, channel setting, tension setting, pave setting, flush setting, cluster setting, invisible setting, and so on.


We use various machines and tools,
including polishing machines, flying
disk machines, and hanging machines,
as well as specific polishing wheels and
wax, to achieve the desired surface finish
for each jewelry piece. This process results
in a smooth and lustrous appearance.


After the jewelry is polished, it is cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Electroplating is mainly used to deposit a layer of plating on the metal surface, making it more stable and brighter. This makes the jewelry durable, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting in color, making platinum jewelry more sparkling and gold jewelry more radiant.

8.Quality Control

We conduct a comprehensive quality
inspection of the jewelry according to the
product quality inspection standards. All of
our products undergo five quality tests
before being delivered to the customer.
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